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I am an animal portrait artist based near Grantham, Lincolnshire UK. I run a small horse livery yard at my home for three horses (one of my own and two clients'). I also have a miniature jack russell and a stray cat who has adopted our family after checking us out for several years.








Having first established as an animal portrait artist in 1998, I have been painting people’s animals for almost twenty years and have hundreds of delighted clients who return to me again and again. As an animal lover it is important to me not only to get an accurate likeness of the animal, but to capture their essence, which is what makes them so special to their humans. I work with mediums which are best suited to paint the detail and true likeness of the animals. I use soft pastels, graphite pencil, acrylics and gouache watercolour, although recently I have stopped taking commissions for acrylic and watercolour paintings, preferring to specialise in pastel and graphite pencil. These are ideal for really capturing the expression and soul of the animal.  In addition, I ensure that even non-detailed backgrounds are not just plain white or the colour of the drawing surface itself, but that they are painted with careful thought to giving depth and mood to the finished artwork.


I realise that a painting is a considerable investment and most people will want to see the finished product before parting with their money. I therefore offer a 10% deposit option which will secure your booking. The balance will only be payable once you have approved a copy of your portrait which I will email to you. I am confident that any portrait commission I take on will capture the true likeness of the animal and I therefore guarantee it. If you are not happy with the finished portrait then you are under no obligation to buy it. In addition, I send out portraits by insured post, which means that if anything happens to them in transit I will be able to paint you a replacement portrait at no additional cost to you.

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