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I am a horse portrait artist based near Grantham in the UK, and have been painting and drawing horse portraits for over twenty years. There is something so magical about horses; their grace, their power and their soulfulness. Like other horse artists, I adore painting them.

I am a horse owner myself and know just how much they mean to their humans. Horses take you to somewhere you could never go alone. To bond with a horse is an honour and not something that can be taken as given.

Examples of horse portrait paintings and drawings can be seen on this page.  If you click on a horse portrait it will bring up a larger version and you can see what size the original artwork was and what medium it was painted in. You also have the option to go to full screen in order to see even more detail.

I have examples of horse drawings in graphite pencil, as well as horse portraits in pastel, acrylic and gouache watercolour.

Choosing the right photograph for the best possible portrait is the most vital part of the commission. When choosing a photograph to use, choose one with the best detail and which shows your horse in the best light. If you want a highly detailed horse portrait, then a head study is a good choice because I can achieve the best detail when I am painting at near life-size.

All mediums that I work in are suitable for horse portraits. I would advise choosing a size that is at least A4 for a horse's head portrait, and a size A3 or larger  is best for a full body study or a horse and rider.

If you have any questions about any of the horse portraits on this page, or if you wish to discuss your own horse portrait, please contact me. (contact details can be found at the foot of each page, or you can click on the 'Contact Me' tag and complete the short query form.)

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