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Cats own us, we do not own them. They are independent, mystical and sometimes aloof. They choose the people they want to be with and it is a privilege if they choose you.

Just recently our family has been adopted by a stray cat. I had seen him hunting in the fields surrounding us for many years. He was always very timid and would never come close. Perhaps this was because we had four dogs including two massive Pyrenean mountain dogs. However, sadly, over the years we lost our dogs due to cancer and old age. Now we only have one left, a very small jack russell. We called the stray cat Skippy, because he adopted the kennel behind the skip as his new home. It became apparent that he was now past his prime and quite thin, and so I started leaving food out for him. To cut a long story short, he is now a very happy house cat. He follows me everywhere, indoors and out. I never knew cats could be so affectionate and faithful!

Based near Grantham in the UK, I have been painting and drawing cat portraits for over twenty years. Like other cat artists, I really love painting cat portraits. They are always an absolute delight. Their fur, their whiskers but most of all their eyes are an endless fascination for me.

On the right are some examples of my cat portraits. If you move your mouse over each cat portrait it will tell you what medium it is painted or drawn in. If you click on a cat portrait it will take you to an enlarged version of the portrait. You can then also choose to enlarge the cat portrait further by clicking the full screen icon.

Cat portraits are good in any medium, but pastels are especially effective for showing the detail of their fur and whiskers.

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